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A Brief  Info about Kayseri

Area: 16.917 km²

Population: 943.484 (1990)

Traffic Code: 38

Kayseri has been one of the most important trade centres of Anatolia over history. Located right in the centre of the country, it has the feel of a modern, busy city but also has a strong traditional and religious atmosphere. The setting is spectacular, with the mountains of Erciyes Dagi and Ali Dagi in the background, a snow-capped volcano and green fields, and the nearby Sultansazligi bird sanctuary. The city is also well known for its textile and carpet industry, and has impressive monuments that reflect its history. Kayseri has always been a popular option as a base to explore Cappadocia.

Districts : Akkışla, Bünyan, Develi, Felahiye, Hacılar, İncesu, Kocasinan, Melikgazi, Özvatan, Pınarbaşı, Sarıoğlan, Sarız, Talas, Tomarza, Yahyalı, Yeşilhisar.

How to Get

By Road: Because of its position in the centre of the country, Kayseri is well positioned on bus routes going east to west, and north to south. Services include several buses daily from Istanbul (12 hours), Ankara (5 hours), Bursa (11 hours), Izmir (12 hours), Konya (4 hours) and Urgup (90 mins). The main bus station is on the west of the city centre, and there are dolmuses running to and from the bus station.

By Rail: There are two daily trains from Adana (7 hours) and Istanbul (12 hours), hourly from Ankara (9 hours), several weekly from Diyarbakir (20 hours), and one daily from Kars (24 hours). The train station is just north of the city centre.

By Air: There are  daily direct flights from Istanbul and İzmir. The Erkilet Airport is 4km to the city centre.Airport 

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